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Issue Date: Oct-2019
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Abstract: Introduction: Vernonia amygdalina (VA) is a common shrub widely consumed in Nigeria. Glimepiride is a sulfonylurea whose mechanism of action is to stimulate insulin release from the beta cell of the pancreas. Metformin is a biguanide and its mechanism of action is exhibited at extra pancreatic level. In clinical practice, it is the first line therapy recommended for newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus patient. Hyperglycaemia has been found to be one of the main side effects associated with dexamethasone administration. This Study was carried out to investigate the effect of VA on alloxan and dexamethasone induced diabetes. Methodology: 75 Wistar albino rats of both sexes were randomly allocated in 15 groups. Group 1 served as normoglycaemic control . Group 2-9 were given 65mg/kg body weight alloxan monohydrate to induce diabetes. Group 10-15 were given 1mg/kg body weight dexamethasone to induce hyperglycaemia. Group1 received normal saline alone. Alloxan induced diabetic rats in group 2 served as diabetic control received normal saline, group 3: 100mg/kg VA, group 4 200mg/kg VA, group 5 2mg/kg glimepiride, group 6 200metformin, group 7: 100mg/kg VA +200mg/kg metformin , group 8: 100mg/kg VA +2mg/kg glimepiride , group 9: 200mg/kg metformin+2mg/kg glimepiride. In dexamethasone induced group, group 10 received continous daily dose of 1mg/kg+normal saline, group 11 continous daily dose of 1mg/kg +100mg/kg of VA, group 12 continous daily dose of 1mg/kg +200mg/kg of VA, group 13 continous daily dose of 1mg/kg +2mg/kg glimepirid, group 14 continous daily dose of 1mg/kg +200mg/kg metformin, and group15 continous daily dose of 1mg/kg +100mg/kgVA +2mg/kg glimepirid. Result: The result showed that the Fasting Blood Glucose of group 1 was 81±2.8 mg/dl. for alloxan group, group 2 was 137±15.4 vs 156±20.3mg/dl, group 3 was 129±9.7vs 90±2.7mg/dl and group 4 was 126±7.3 vs 86±4.2mg/dl. group 5 was 308±3.3 vs 216±1.5mg/dl group 6 was 306±7.2 vs 190±4.2mg/dl and group 7 was 310±7.4 vs 155±1.6mg/dl.and group 8 was 333±8.9 vs 151±5.1mg/dl. group 9 was 318±4.9 vs 252±18.3mg/dl. The fast blood glucose of group induced with dexamethasone, group 10 was 137±15.4 vs 156±20.3mg/dl, group 11 was 129±9.7vs 90±2.7mg/dl and group 12 was 126±7.3 vs 86±4.2mg/dl group 13 was 131±6.8 vs67±1.6., group 14 was 125±5.6 vs 76±1.8 , group 15 was 125 7.3 vs 52 2.8. There was significant difference between group 2 and group 1 (p<0.01), group 2 and group 3, group 4, group 5, group 6, group7, group 8 and group 9 (p<0.01). The percentage change in blood glucose were 13.3%, -34.3% , -11.3%, -29.8%, -37.9%,-51.1%, -51.3% and -20.8% respectively. Similarly, there was significant difference between group 10 and group 11, group 10 and group 12, group 10 and group 13, group 10 and group 14 group 10 and group 15 (p<0.01). Conclusion: Vernonia amygdalina ameliorates hyperglycaemia induced by dexamethasone. VA significantly reduced the fasting blood glucose in alloxan induced diabetes mellitus(p<0.01) and also significantly reduced fasting blood glucose in dexamethasone induced hyperglycaemia.
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